Hogenekkal Water Fall

Its new year, new beginning. 2nd of January Vishawajit, Vijay & I  made a plan to visit Hogenekkal Water Fall. It is 180 KM away from Bangalore. Vishwajit came with his wife. We booked one Indica & left Bangalore at 8:00 AM.

It was good 4 hrs journey. Road was excellent as we went through Bangalore – Chennai National highway 7. After 120 KM we we took right turn from highway road & another 43 KM to reach Hogenekkal.

We reached there around 12 PM & When the driver parked the car, suddenly so many people came to us & asking about taking Boat. They were telling 200/- for one person.

Then started the collection part. First at entrance we gave Rs.20 as entry fee into Hogenekkal, then again we gave them 30 Rs (for forest guard, I feel it is bribe), then after entering Hogenakkal, parking fee Rs.20. This parking fee is for parking on roads. It is also plastic free zone so the forest guards took all our polyphone bags.

After doing lots of bargaining finally we found one man who was ready to take 400/- for one boat & for 2 Hrs ride. There were so many people came to watch water fall as it was Saturday & start of new year. It was bit crowded.

I feel that the main attraction at Hogenakkal is the coracle ride to the edge of the falls rather than just watching the falls from the hanging bridge at the bottom. There were many falls.

After watching the water falls I understood why it is called Hogenakkal since the water after hitting the bottom rocks created an impression that the rocks were literally giving out white smoke. What a scene it was. There was one more thing I would like to say, some people were selling mineral water, snacks, cold drink in coracle in mid of the river. It sounds funny but that’s they way they do business.

Once you finish visiting all the falls , you will be taken to a place where you can take a bath if you feel like.I would advice you against doing so since the water is not so clean !.Here you can get Oil massages from trained people.I guess its some kind of auyverdic oil massage.

We had our lunch over there, Many people were cooking fishes. We took 6 pieces, Vijay & Vishwajit’s wife both are vegetarian so it was only me & Vishwajit ate all of them. Buying something over there was itself a funny experience. Most of the people there knows only tamil..no hindi no english…..
Once our ride over we went to the top of the hills & from there we watched the water falls. It was so beautiful & so much noise of falling water. We spend more than half an hour there & took so many pics.

We left the place at 5:00 PM & returned back to Bangalore at 8:30 PM. Overall it was good one day trip. 

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