Mesmerizing Trek to Triund

When I was making plan for Dharamshala and McLeodganj, Trekking was on top of my to-do list. It was my solo trip to Mcleo, was bit unsure of trekking spots there and whether I could do it all alone. As usual preparation, went through some blogs, videos and then I finalized Triund.

My first day at Mcleo was eventful and I covered many places. I was ill prepared, did not expect rain and cold there but when I reached there, I had to buy rain jacket expecting light shower during trek next day.

It also gave me opportunity to talk to the shopkeeper and I inquired about Triund trek, how to reach there, any difficulties trekking solo. He was helpful, he immediately found a piece of paper and started explaining me the route.

There are two routes

1) Main Sqaure -> Bhagsunag Temple -> Bhagsunag Waterfall -> Gallu Devi Temple -> Triund

2) Main Square -> Dharamkot -> Gallu Devi Temple -> Triund

He advised me to avoid first route (considering I will be alone) as after Bhagsunag Waterfall, I might get lost in the jungle as there is no clear path, signboard and it goes through dense forest.

Second route is easy and suggest me to take the taxi from main square and reach Gallu Devi Temple, from there I could start the trekking.

Trek Day - Morning I got up with swollen leg and thigh pain because of my adventure a day before!! I started thinking if I could take a rest today and then trekking next day but decided to continue with my plan. I was late and by the time I reached Gallu Devi it was 10:30 AM (My plan was to start very early at 7).

Near Gallu Devi Temple, there is small shop, I bought water bottles, some chips packets and energy bars. I would suggest everyone to buy from that shop at temple (or from shops in town), as once you start the trek up, you will find 2-3 shops but price will be high. 20 rs water bottle was getting sold there for 50 rs. Insane!!

The triund trek starts from Gallu Devi, there is one check-post and forest officer, you will have to make an entry in the register there, name, address, entry time and show them your ID proof.

Triund trek is most popular trek, moderate, pretty three-four hour walk to the top (9688 ft). Trek goes through a beautiful mixed forest of oak and deodar. Trek is 7 km but it took me three hours to reach at the top. My pace was ok but it was tiring, weather was cool but its very easy to dehydrate when trekking up hill. Water bottles and energy bars were life saver.

Three hours journey to the top was mostly uneventful, I met few hikers and group but most of time I was alone, so I had no other option but to enjoy the beauty of nature, listen bird chirping around and keep walking.


After 1.5/2 hours I stopped at one of small shops there, it was time to take some rest. Here is the view, you could see McLeo and Dharamshala from here.
Then shocker!!! I asked shop-keeper how much time it will take to reach to the top. Looking at my condition he smiled and said another 2 hours, you have only reached at the mid point of trek.

Trek was tiring, first six kilometers was done but the last one kilometer took bit of toil, the last one kilometer is popularly know as the “22 curves” as it has 22 tiring curves before you finally reach Triund.

Triund is famous for its views. Once you reach at the top (9688 ft), The view is stunning, jaw-dropping views of the Dhauladhar ranges on one side and the gorgeous Kangra valley on the other.

As people say "The best view comes after the hardest climb"

You can stay overnight there. There are many camping spots, you can get tent and sleeping bag easily  (200-300 Rs per person) but I was told that staying in night is very difficult because of cold. There is Govt guest house as well, booking can be done from Dharamshala.

I had no plan to stay there overnight and I started descend around 3pm, again not so easy, you will have to be very careful at certain spots. I hurried my pace, wanted to reach Gallu Devi Temple by 5/5:30. In these hill area and forest, you can easily encounter early darkness. Did not want to stuck in middle of trek at dark and no one around.

I reached at the checkpost around 5:30 pm and updated my exit time on the register. Now there was problem, no taxi there. The forest officer guided me another short-cut route to reach Dharamkot. Another 1/1.5 km descend to Dharamkot. Got the taxi, reached my hotel.

I was completely tired and hungry but had sense of satisfaction that I could complete the 16 km trek, almost 6 hours of walking.  Sometimes life is better in hiking shoes.

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