Munnar, Cochin - Kerala God's own country

Just came back from great & wonderful trip from Kerala (1 Oct – 4 Oct),

I was really excited & looking forward to explore Kerala, also known as God’s own country. I heard so much about that. Kerala, situated on the lush and tropical Malabar Coast, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Named as one of the “ten paradises of the world” and “50 places of a lifetime” by the National Geographic Traveler magazine.

I took two days off from office & planned 4 days trip with Vijay & Rohit. I booked the tour package from Munnar Holidays ( It cost us around 9000 Rs. for 2 night & 3 days package.

Day 1
We had reservation in Ernakulam Express & Thursday morning 6:20 AM we left Bangalore. we reached Cochin around 5 PM & there we met our driver Robert, who was waiting for us in Ernakulum Jn, station. Then we left Cochin immediately in his Indica car because it was getting dark there & we wanted to reach Munnar as soon as we can. Munnar is around 143 KM from Cochin & normally takes 4-5 Hrs, on the way to Munnar you could see the beauties of nature. Hilly area, Jungle, so many sharp left & right turns, water falls, Tea states. Though it was almost full dark but you can feel the beauties around you.

On the way to Munnar there is one big & most beautiful water fall (I dont remember the name), but then there was, just few meter away one major car accident. Then it was traffic jam & we stucked there for an hour. Then I thought, am I really in God’s own country? I can see two things…Beauty & peace in Waterfall but no mercy in car accident, One side there was life & another side there was end of life..

We all were tired & had headache as car was taking so many sharp turns again & again.
Anyway we reached Munnar at 10PM & let me tell you, the moment I got down from car & moved to Hotel gate..suddenly a big blow of cold air & I was like stunned, too cold there.

We stayed in Hotel “Le Celestium” ( We ordered dinner at our room & it was too good after having long travel from Bangalore.

Day 2
I woke up early morning & outside from hotel room windo, I can see the real beauty of hill..It was raining, it was cold, it was bit mist around but these are the combination making the hill so beautiful..It was breathtaking…

It was so nice feeling sipping hot tea & watching the hills. at 9:30 AM we got a call from reception that our driver Robert is waiting for us, We had quick bath & we were ready for upcoming excitement.

First we visited Photo Point,Its top of the hill & you can see how hills are kissing clouds :).. awesome

Then we went to Elephant Ride..well it was too costly but its tourist place…we paid 350 Rs per person for half an hour ride..I still remember I had ride in Amarkantak ( hilly place in M.P.) & it was 100 Rs only..any way it was good ride…raining heavily & we had umbrella in our hands. We were wet but who cares….

After elephant ride we went to one of the dam..muddupatty Dam ( or Maddapatty!!!!)..still raining but nothing could stop us playing & enjoying beauty of nature…so many tourist were there

There were Boat riding as well but it was we didnt get chance for it…it could have bee  good experience with raining, boating around the river, watching the hills around you..i said to myself better luck next time

Ohhh how come I missed…we had great Masala Tea near the place where we did elephant ride…it was so refreshing & I was told that its pure & original from one of the tea estate….after having the tea we all charged up & bbye to cold…

Then Echo Point….Robert told us if you howl or scream against hills, nature will answer with echo…Quite strange is the natural responses to the human calls… We tried so many times..but I no responses :( , I thought God is too busy with other & not answering to our calls….then we were in Tea plantation….all the time it was raining..

Finally we returned back to our hotel at 6PM…thought of roaming & exploring munnar city again by walking…but It was raining too heavily.

We also had booking for Royal Ayurvedic Massage at one of the massage center & really exciting about that, we thought that after having good massage we will get relief & we will feel refreshed…but it was just opposite..we didnt like that massage & it was completely waste of the money…we came from the massage center at 10 PM & had dinner at hotel room. This time Rohit ordered chicken..& they cooked it very well..enjoyed the foods.

Day 3
Now we decided to leave  Munnar early & thought of spending some more times in Cochin, we informed our driver & travel agent about our plan. We took breakfast & checked out hotel at 10 AM.

Then we proceed to Cochin…On the way this time we could see the breath taking nature once again better & more beautiful..we stopped for 15- 20 mins in the waterfall..took some snaps & enjoyed tea again.

You cant trust weather in hilly area…we could see heavy rain & suddenly sun lights…it was like sun & clouds are playing hide & seek..again the sharp left & right turns..this time no pain..thats the effect of nature.

We reached cochin around 2 PM & booked one hotel in Marine drive…we dumped our luggage  & took lunch…after taking lunch we went to  boating area…Earlier Rohit was doing drama..somehow I was able to convinced him to take boat was 1 hour boat & nice..we took lots of snaps…& as usual Vijay was showing us his new to take pictures in different different pose…We laughed , in this time of recession Vijay is secure & now can opt for another job in photography..

After the boat ride..we had quick visit to one of the mall in Marine drive..I was keep checking the status of our return train ticket in my mobile..when i booked it was WL 26..i was sure that we will get confirmation..but at 8 PM, train chart got prepared & we still had WL there was no chance of getting seats in Train…

what to do,..its already 8:30 PM…now we started searching travel agents to search any other options..i was still searching & trying to find out alternative route to reach Bangalore..we checked some travel agents & MG Road & the near railway station..but all of them seats available in buses.

Then we decided to travel in general class…..thinking about my pervious horrible general class travel from Raipur to Mumbai, I retire to bed.

Day 4
We woke up early around 6:30 AM & all of us were ready by 8, We left the hotel & quickly rushed to Ernakulum Junction Railway Station. As decided we bought general class ticket & we inquired about train. Departure time was 9:40 AM & we reached there more than one n half hour early…reason…we wanted to secure our seat as soon as we can..Luckily train was in platform 4 & we got our windows seat…so lucky we were…After tiring 10 Hrs journey we reached Bangalore with memories of beautiful Munnar & Cochin.

Actually I felt that this the place where you can have all 5 senses  Feel, See, Touch, Hear & Taste.

I could feel the cool breezing air, I could see the beautiful hills, I could touch the clouds, I could Hear the sound of water fall & Off course I had good Taste of Masala Tea.


  1. Munnar is such a breathtaking place.You have explained the beauty of it very nicely. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Munnar is such a breathtaking place.You have explained the beauty of it very nicely. Thank you for sharing. good

  3. Munnar is one of the most beautiful place in the state. It offers cool climate in all seasons. You explained Munnar well in this article.