How I got Leh’d – Part 3

Lets continue…

Day 4 – I had no plan on day 4. I was feeling tired after coming back from Pangong Lake and decided to take rest and explore the Leh town again. I woke up early and then after some time I thought this is going to be boring, let’s go for river rafting. In the leh main market I contacted the travel agent and asked if river rafting is possible. He smiled and said that it’s too late. Bus already left for river rafting, good time to start at 9 AM from Leh. Then I decided to visit Shanti Stupa.

Shanti Stupa was hardly 2 KM from Leh main market. I started walking there and passed the Changspa road. This road is very famous road for good hotels, shops and restaurants. There is one cafe just 100 meters before the Shanti Stupa  “Jeevan Cafe” where I stopped and took a coffee. It’s a pleasant enough spot to unwind as they play fresh lounge tracks, have a library to browse books, and offer laptops to surf the internet. After taking the coffee, I felt good and it was time to climb up for

Shanti Stupa.
It was already 11 AM,  hot day and the first time in Leh I felt terrible because of the heat. It took 20 minutes for me to reach at the hill top. Shanti Stupa is bbuilt by Japanese monks to promote world peace. This large, hilltop stupa gives a stunning view of Leh and surrounding mountains.

Found one restaurant there “Shanti Restaurant” and I ordered one ginger honey tea for me.

Feeling hungry so I decided to go back and take lunch at my hotel. Unfortunately it was already 2:30 and Lunch was finished. I was supposed to tell them in advance about the lunch. However they asked me to wait for 15-20 minutes. I took a quick bath and meanwhile lunch was ready. It was very simple lunch and I enjoyed a lot, Rice, Chapati, Daal, Rajma and one more veg. From the last 6-7 days I was taking only Ladakhi foods, maggi, thupka, tried some Italian cuisine. Owner of the hotel, who came back to enquire if I am happy with the lunch. I told him that It was the best food I had in last 7 days.

Day 5 – It was my last day in Leh. I asked travel agent to arrange one seat for me in the shared taxi to reach Srinagar. I said he will try as it’s very difficult to get at the last moment. He asked me to go for river rafting come back at 4 & then if he gets any taxi, I can go.

Anyways 9 AM sharp we started from River Rafting. The rafting point “Chilpi” was 70 KM from Leh and took 1 and half hours to reach. On the way you can visit Pathar Sahib Gurudwara and magnetic hill.

Time for some adventure. It was grade III river rafting with moderate risk. 24 KM and it took 3 hours to complete. There were 4 boats and each boat 8-9 people. Overall it was good, had fun, some good rapids. We started from Chilpi (rafting point) and after 12 KM short break and then till the Zanskar Indus confluence at Nimo. This rafting will take you through some amazingly beautiful sights , you can the spectacular and scenic Zanskar,valley. The thrilling Grade 3 rapids and the towering rocks that surround you, you can’t help but feel powerless in front of nature.

After completing the rafting, lunch was ready at Nimo base camp. After taking lunch, we headed back to Leh. In between stopped near Magnetic hill for 15 minutes.

Reached Leh at 4:30pm, It was time to say good bye to Leh and the pune group, whom I met during my trip. Checked out from my hotel and got the shared taxi “Innova”. As I booked at the last moment, I got the seat at the last, not enough space for leg , it was uncomfortable considering 14 hrs journey from leh to srinagar. Not a big issue, I was prepared for it.

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