Bhoramdeo - Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh has been always considered as India’s hidden secret. Unexplored and untouched travel destination. Many tourist attractions and Bhoramdeo is one of it. Bhoramdeo, popularly known as Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh, famous for Lord Shiva temple and its erotic sculptures.

I visited Bhoramdeo along with Neeraj and Sawariya. 130 km from Raipur, two hrs drive, good, smooth roads. Many signboards will make sure that you will not lose your way. From Kawardha (115 km from Raipur), we took a smaller road to Bhoramdeo, through the hills and fairly dense forests.

When you reach there, You could see beautifully carved gate to welcome you

There are three major attractions. Lord Shiva temple, Madva Mahal & Cherki Mahal. We decided to visit Lord Shiva Temple first.This temple is scenically situated amidst mountain ranges, was built in the stone in the early 11th century. At first view, the temple stunned us. You have a temple so beautiful, yet so unknown and miles away from civilization was really surprising. Not a big temple, in the middle of dense forest, but it’s really beautiful, the perfect blend of religious and erotic sculptures makes it special. When we reached there, not much crowd, chirping and other jungle sounds are the only noise we could hear. Temple is very well preserved by the Govt and tourism board. Signboard over there tells you more details. The east-facing temple is set on a five-six foot high platform with the entrance on three sides.

This temple was dedicated to the tribal God, Bhoramdeo, a form of Shiva.The walls of the temple are covering a wide range of themes sex, war, dance, music but majority of sculptures erotic and thats why its called as mini Khajuraho. Sometimes pictures speaks more than words...

In the temple courtyard, there is one open museum that has many sculpture belonging to the 11th century and earlier.

Hardly one KM from Shiva temple, our next stop was “Madwa Mahal”. There are two reasons behind its name Madwa, one this temple looks like Marriage Pandal. In Chhattisgarhi ‘Madwa’ is synonymous to marriage pandal. Another saying is that this temple is Man ka Mandir.
This is a small temple dedicated to Shiva. On the outer walls there are so many erotic sculptures in different poses. The Kings who made this temple were believed to be practitioners of ‘Tantra’. This temple is full of tantric practices and unusually west facing. You will have to take 7 steps down to see the Lord Shiva. There is saying that these 7 steps is for 7 lokas (worlds)


We all had questions in mind, why there is so much erotic sculptures around the wall of temples. We asked this question to one of priest there and he told us, the idea is so see these sculptures and when you enter inside the temple, you should not think about the outside world (sculptures). If you are manage to do so, you will be closer to God. Fair enough!!!
Next stop was Cherki Temple

Overall it was good trip and good to see C.G. Govt taking the tourism very seriously. Though Bhoramdeo is located in remote area and in wilderness but road condition is excellent You will find signboards and information boards. Many resorts there and the best part is the Bhoramdeo Mahotsav Festival. Its celebrated every year in the last week of the month of March. This festival is celebrated within the premises of the Bhoramdeo temples and many cultural programs organized there.


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