Kanha Kisli - Man who gave us directions – was it a ghost???

My trip to Kanha Kisli was cancelled two times for some reason but this time finally Jatin, Neeraj & I made it. Jatin brought his Santro car out and we started from Raipur around 11:30 am , we were expecting to reach Kanha by 6pm.

From Raipur its 230 km and the route which we were supposed to follow was Raipur - Simga - Kawardha - Chilphi - Kanha (Mukki Gate)

We were going well and crossed the scenic Chilpi Ghat. After crossing Chili Ghat, some where we took wrong turn. After driving for another 30-40 minutes we reached one small village and asked one of villager for direction. He told us to go straight and we will see the Kanha Kisli gate soon.

We followed that route and then entered in to the Kanha Jungle. There was one small check post. The guard over there told us that we were in opposite side of jungle. It was around 5:30 pm, to our great surprise the gate keeper allowed us to go inside (While there was one sign board saying that no vehicles allowed from this gate after 5pm). We were told that Kanha is now another 60-70 km from here. Anyway we thought its just another route to reach Mukki Gate Kanha but as soon as we entered we got to know that its dense forest. The roads were pathetic & we hardly driving at the speed of 15-20 kmph. here are the pics

As you could see the road condition, it was getting dark, no sign of any other vehicles.We were worried, in this dense forest if something goes wrong or problem with car, what will we do. No single living around, no mobile network.

After driving for 40 –45 minutes we saw one man walking ahead of us with two small kids. When I saw those kids, I thought are they mad, its dense forest, you can see the overgrown bushes both side of roads, never know when any animal will come.

Jatin was driving the Car, I was sitting in front and Neeraj in the back. As usual I was taking pictures of the jungles, roads. When I saw that man and two kids, I tried taking pictures of them, but suddenly car started shaking because of path holes & picture I got, was bit shaky. I dont know what was in my mind, I immediately deleted that picture ( I usually check pictures and delete unnecessary at the end of day or when I get time, not immediately). Meanwhile we reached to that man, stopped the car and asked about the roads. He said after 10 km we will get good roads and Kanha is still 40-50 km from this place. We felt relieved. I saw those two kids & smiled but no response from them, we thanked that man and went a little bit ahead.

Suddenly Jatin saw the back mirror and shouted – “Arre wo log kaha gaye”. Neeraj & I quickly turned back & we saw nothing. No one was there!!!! They got disappeared!!!! Our car was hardly 5 meter away from that place & we could see the entire road & around that area. There was nothing. I asked jatin to take the car back and see, how come they disappear like that. Jatin & Neeraj were not agree, they said no point of going back, lets move on. Now I think that was the wise decision from them. We were freaked out so badly and wanted to move out from that place but no question of driving fast because of the roads. Next 30 minutes we were talking about that and then I told them about the picture which I deleted.

I don’t know if it was a ghost encounter, I leave up to you!!!!!

After driving for next few minutes we saw some houses, then some people riding on one jeep. We ignored them and moved on, suddenly we saw one board saying that its core jungle area and its not advisable to take this path in the night.At that time it was around 7 pm, we decided to go back and ask those people about the road and whether this is safe for us to continue driving. They were surprised to see us and asked what are we doing here at this time. We told that we lost our way and not sure why the gate keeper near the chilpi allowed us to get inside. Then they introduced themselves, they were from tiger research team , doing research and tagging of the tigers in Kanha. They told us that after 15-20 KM we will get another gate and mobile coverage.  We thanked them and once again started our journey in the hope that now no more adventure. Luckily this time we didn’t see those people getting disappear ;-)

Finally around 9:30 PM we reached our destination, Vanya Resort near mocha gate Kanha, while we were supposed to reach at 6pm.

More about Kanha & Jungle Safari in  the next blog!!!!!

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