Life on Dal Lake - Venice of East

Srinagar capital of Jammu & Kashmir and most famously known for Dal lake. I went there in year 2012. After exploring Leh , Srinagar was my next destination. I booked one shared Innova cab from Leh. I was last one to book it and got the last row to sit. The journey from Leh to Srinagar was not much fun but memorable, almost 500 km, some of the most dangerous roads, difficult terrain, army presence, check posts, crossed Drass and Kargil, night journey and frequent issues with the Innova. It took almost 15 hrs to reach Srinagar.

Dal lake is ringed by high mountains. Its centre of activity in the Srinagar valley,people still live on the houseboats.I had booked houseboat on dal lake for my stay in Srinagar. 2 days I was there and 3rd morning left Srinagar.

Anyways there are so many things to write about my trip but let me share the most beautiful part of trip, is the life on Dal lake. It is a self-contained world and I can better expressed it with the less words but more pictures.
You will see so many houseboats there, some are really costly, some are cheap. But one thing is sure that you will get very good experience staying there.The houseboat I stayed was moderate price range and I was the only one stayed there in 2 days. Overall it was quite stay for me. I was really impressed with the interior of houseboat and later came to know from owner that the woods they are using is really expensive.

After taking bath and breakfast. I decided to sleep, was really tired after long journey. while listening the sound of water, birds chirping, it was really much needed rest. Around 3 pm I decided to go out and explore Dal lake. Hired one boat, most popularly known as Shikara, small paddled wooden boat decorated with bright colors and comfortable seats. Shikara ride is the must do activity in Srinagar.

Once you start Shikara ride, you will see many houseboat hotels and crowd but once you go further, there are many quite and peaceful places.

Dal lake is really paradise for bird lover. You can see so many species of birds. Most of the birds migrate from various parts of world and arrive here every year,


Once you are out on a Shikara ride, you will have everything from a mobile icecream parlour, coffee shops, photo studios, florists. Here is one problem, many boats will approach you and ask you to buy stuffs from them. I ignored most of them and continued my further ride while sipping the hot tea I bought it from one of floating café. Many handloom and craft shops. Excited to see the post office, schools on the lake.

Wonderful floating farms, These are attached to boats, and can be easily taken anywhere on the Dal Lake.

Most wonderful part of the Dal lake is the People there. So good to see them riding boats, fishing, selling vegetables & flowers. Next morning I saw school going small kids.

Finally my first day on the Dal lake ended with astonishing sunset view.


  1. have been to Srinagar many times , Awesome place.

    Thanks for refreshing the memories.

    1. Hi Mahesh, yes its really an awesome place. Thanks for reading blog!!

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