Mullayyanagiri - Karnataka's highest peak

Chikmagaluru, the land of coffee. Blessed with natural beauty, hills, waterfalls. 15 km from Chikmagaluru, you have Karnataka's highest peak Mullayyanagiri. With a height of 1,930 metre its one of the best trekking place in Karnataka.

I went there in the month of May with Team Pentacle. Trekking was always on my mind, after having lunch at small restaurant. Well it was not proper lunch, in fact food was over by the time we reached there. So we ordered omelets (n numbers of, lost count of number of omelets we had) and cold drinks. 

We were ready. Mullayyangiri was 3 KM from this point and takes 2-3 hours if you walk.You can go there by car, roads were not good mostly, narrow and because of many hairpin bend its bit difficult to drive.

We left our bus and started walking. Initially I thought 3km is not a big deal but remember we you to ascend, that too at the Karnataka's highest peak. Had a bottle of water and then I found one solid stick to accompany me during the trek.

Mullayyangiri 3 KM from here

A quick look in to trek

Initially roads were ok

Hardly after walking 300-400 meter I decided to leave the road and take the shortcut by climbing. though it was not the actual trail but I continued.

There were three big peaks which I crossed. The view was great from those peaks and with every steps the view gets more and more breath taking.

View from one of the peak

Another spectacular view

First glimpse of the Mullayaangiri, after crossing over two peaks

The final hurdle, by the time I started here,I was damn tired but continued

Looking back to see the peaks and roads

Small temple at the top of the hill

My two life saver, bottle of water and stick

As I said trek and peak offers breath taking views

Smile at the face but it was really tiring to reach there.

Another view from top

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