Hidden Architectural Gem - Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Whenever you think about places to explore around Bangalore, Nandi hill always top on the list. No surprise at all.

Once everyone reach Nandi village, they always take left-hand turn from the T junction to go climbing up the hill, where beautiful views await them. Nandi hill has been always great trekking destination, picturesque misty mountains, brilliant sunrise. But taking a right-hand turn at that T-junction, and traveling for a 3-4 KM, would bring you to hidden gem of architecture, very ancient and beautiful temple

Bhoga Nandiswara temple

I was etching for long drive and was searching for new place to explore. After browsing through many blogs, articles I came to know about the temple and some of the pictures I saw, made the full justice to temple's brilliant architecture. I decided to explore this place on 26th January Republic Day. Nandi Village is approx 66 km from Bangalore. Initially I thought early morning start at 6 am but my laziness and cold weather outside made sure that I start at 7:30 am. Not much traffic at that time and after Hebbal flyover journey became more pleasant. It started drizzling, Bangalore-Hyderabad highway, not many vehicles around, cool weather, GPS was on for direction and music was loud. Needless to say it was fun driving.

Reached temple around 9 am. Temple complex is huge and well maintained. Green lawns, big trees. This 9th century temple protected as monuments of national importance by ASI. Interesting thing is temple went through many addition and modification by all the rulers and thus in one temple you can see different architectural style (Not many Hindu temples can claim to possess!) Vijayanagara, Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas and Pallavas architecture all in one temple. 

In the courtyard of temple you can see a small hill like structure with stone pillars. It is called Mahanavami Dibba.

This monument consists of a typical temple architectural elements like garbhgriha (santrum), mantapa (hall),gopuras (entry towers) and kalyani (temple pond).

Three temples in one complex. "Arunchaleswara" temple represent childhood of lord Shiva, "Bhoga Nandeeshwara" represent youth of Lord Shiva and The “Uma-Maheshwara” depicts the third stage, Shiva’s marriage to the goddess Parvati. This shrine has one kalyana mantapa (marriage hall) supported by intricate pillars in black stone popular with newly weds who come to seek the blessings of the Lord.

Near the Gopura, you can see a big wooden chariot and then many stone chariots wheels. From here you can see the hills of Nandi range.


Main temple is surrounded by huge galleries and pillars. has many beautifully carved pillar

Close look at the temple wall and then you will realize how extraordinary is the work done by the people built this temple.

Temple complex has one Kalyana Mantapa (Marriage Hall). Pillars of Kalyana Mantapa are beautifully carved. On the pillars we can see structures of divine couple like Shiva-Parvati etc. Also you can see carvings of animals, birds etc. Now also many weddings take place here. In front of this Kalyana Mantapa there is enough place to sit and watch wedding rituals.


After Kalyana mantapa, you can see the main attraction of temple complex, Large water pond Kalyani surrounded by carved pillars. Pond is surrounded by rock cut steps on all four sides.

My timing of visit was excellent as I got chance to see the ritual of worship. Priest started singing song in praise of Lord Shiva and musician duo started playing the instruments.

I was keep thinking, wondering why such a huge and architectural wonder is not so popular in modern time. Not many aware of this beautiful temple. Whatever reason it may be, I think awareness is missing and state tourism board, ASI has to highlight more about importance of such places. 

But for me, I will continue to travel , explore more such hidden gems and hopefully my little contribution by writing travelogue helps to generate some awareness.

Enjoy the video

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