Majestic, Breathtaking and Bahubali Waterfall - Athirapally

Every year, when Mansoon season starts, I think of waterfall. Athirapally was always on top of my list, not just because of its breathtaking pictures posted all over on the internet but every time whenever I made a plan, it got canceled. I think from the last 4-5 years I was planning to visit this place but unfortunately every time something came up and I could not travel.

But not this time!!!

500 Kilometer from Bangalore, excellent national highway 44 & 544 via Salem -> Coimbatore, 9 hrs of drive via some of the beautiful routes and I reached the small town of Athirapally amid heavy rain. This time Arun and his brother Anil joined me. We already had booked at one on the resort there. After dumping all our bags and typical Kerala meals we headed toward Athirapally waterfall. Luckily the rain was stopped by the time we reached there. Athirappilly Fall is situated 1000 ft above sea level on the Chalakudy river and one of the major attractions in Kerala.

The walkaway towards Athirapally waterfall after crossing the Bamboo entrance gate (fee - 30 Rs) was very well maintained with scenic combination of flora and fauna, signboards either side. One of the signboard made me curious and later I came to know this area is the only place in the The Western Ghats where you can see four endangered hornbill species (if you are lucky)

We could hear water falling sound, walked for 5 mins and then the majestic waterfall started unrevealed itself, falling from a height of 80 feet.

It was a breathtaking view, the majestic Athirapally water fall and I am sure you can forget everything there when you see and hear the roaring sound of water falling from a good height. 


It was Friday, the place was crowded. I found people around me making more noise, shor sharaba than monkeys there. Imagine if you all alone there, mighty waterfall and scenic jungle around you. 

It was time to get drenched, you can walk down to a stony path which was a bit slippery and steep. But it turned out to be worth the pain. Hardly 1 km walk and then you can witness the power of water gushing down. It was more crowded, noisy but I made my way to reach the vantage point. The force of the water falling splatters droplets all over us. It was like raining.

Forget about the calmness of river, here it's wild and roaring. 

Remember the epic waterfall scene in Bahubali? I was told some of the shooting was done here, though it was edited (vfx) later.

After Athirapally waterfall, we drove further and the next destination was Vazhachal waterfall.

Before we could reach Vazhachal, there is another waterfall (3KM from Athirapally), I don’t remember the name but just beside the road with full flow, this waterfall will surely attract you to pull over your car and admire it.


Vazhachal waterfall is the relatively calm, quiet ambiance, more gradual comparatively to Athirapally. Well maintained, has a small garden and benches to sit and watch the Vazhachal falls. I won't say this is a waterfall but more like a river flowing in cascade rocks. But if you are visiting Athirapally, you can cover this place as well. It's just 5 km from Athirapally. The walk along the riverside can be simply soothing.

Do I have to say, this is the perfect time to explore this side of Kerala? During Mansoon, waterfalls can be major attractions but driving here is an absolute delight, I call these roads as snake roads, either side palm tree, rubber tree, coconut trees, frequent sights of mini waterfalls.

Overall its place worth exploring. Pls note this area is ecozone, plastics are ban, smoking and liquors are strictly prohibited. A few words of caution, don’t forget a pair of quality shoes because of slippery rocks and not all monkeys are friendly in nature.

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