Calm & Serene - Pyramid Valley

Did you know, in Bangalore there is world's largest meditation pyramid?

Pyramid Valley is home for the world’s largest Meditational Pyramidl measuring 160’x160’ and 102’ tall solely built for meditation.

This place is 40 km from Bangalore on the Kanakpura Road. Hardly takes 1 hour ride and you will reach Pyramid valley. On the Kanakpura Road, look out for the sign board and from there take left. Small road, not well maintained

2 km drive and you will reach at the entry gate. There is parking space where you can park your car, bike.  Opposite to parking place, you can see the information center and if you are first time visitor you can watch the Pyramid Valley Video.

There is guide map, the entire valley is spread across 26 acres property amid the greenery. 102 ft tall pyramid is main attraction but there are other places as well.

Lake with statue of Mahatma Gandhi

The Pyramid complex also houses briefing centers, library and a book store. Interesting research center related to quantum energy medicine.

Inside the pyramid you can sit and meditate. I think more 500 people can easily accommodated there. It has a unique ‘Kings chamber’ where increased flow of cosmic energy can be experienced.

Restaurant for quick bite. Tea Coffee is also available there. 

Overall its good weekend gateway from Bangalore. Even you are not interested in to meditation this place is good for spending some quite time and getting much needed peace from hustle and bustle of city.

Some more pictures

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