Picturesque Kuntibetta Trek

Trekking has its own advantages not just for improving physical health and fitness but it offers excellent gateway to nature, experience to rich flora and fauna . If your trekking destination has hills, forest, lake, waterfalls then its great for mind, body and soul.

Whenever I get chance during weekend, I do trekking. Around Bangalore there are many trekking spots. While I have covered most of it and always look for new trekking spots. Last week I covered another lesser known trekking spot near Mandya in Pandavpura town.

Kuntibetta Trek.

Its 150 km from Bangalore. Pandavs and their mother Kunti stayed here for some time during their exile. Hence, the town (Pandavapura) and the hill (Kuntibetta) were named after them.

This trek is beautiful and picturesque, though trek is no easy and no clear trail sign defined, all you have to do is make assumption, wait and see around, try to find route and keep going up.

I reached there around 8 am. 140 km drive from Bangalore to Mandya was smooth on Bnagalore - Mysore highway and then take right turn towards KRS road, drive another 10 km and then you can reach at the Pandavpura town. You can find parking spot in front of Govt school there. A big arch welcomes you and take you to temple situated at the foothill. A big Ganesha is carved out of rock. Temple of and pond. There are some mandapa seemed unfinished and no longer in use.

Trek start from right hand side of Pond. No clear sign but there are several way to reach at the top.

You will pass through some big boulder, in some places you will have to crawl and as you go up, lake (Thonnur Lake) will be visible at other side.

It was hardly 40-50 mins trek and we were at the top of the hills. The view was amazing, you can see around entire town, hill at other side and the lake.

There are two hills, we covered only one. Both the hills surrounded by paddy green fields, coconuts trees, a big lake and when you hear peacock calling, you can surrender yourself to mother nature.

Like most of the trek up to the hill, once you reach at the summit, all you can do is sit there quietly and admire the natural beauty surrounding. 

Then we decided to take different route to trek down, It was bit tough but we made it at the last. This gave me an idea to carry some sort of chalks for next unmarked trek where I could mark the route for others.

Then we tried to find out route to reach at the lake. Google map confused us first and we ended-up doing some offroad driving and finally at one point no road ahead. Then we asked one villager there who gave us another direction via the town. He was right, we stopped our car at small restaurant with great view of beautiful lake.

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