Hill Fort built by Indian Robin Hood - Gudibande

Did you know the exact replica of mighty Madhugiri fort, though small is located in the lesser-known sleepy town of Gudibande? This town got its name because of a cave temple here, hewn out a huge rock. In Kannada, Gudi means the temple and Bande mean rock.

During the 17th century Gudibande town was ruled by Byre Gowda. He was regarded as Indian Robin Hood as he used to help poor by looting rich, wealthy people. He ruled Gudibande only for three years  but he left his legacy by building Gudibande hill fort. Inspired by the Madhugiri fort, though small once you go there you will realize how innovative Byre Gowda was. Fort has several secret passages, excellent rainwater harvesting system by having almost 19 ponds at various level of the fort.

130 km from Bangalore, mostly on Bangalore - Hyderabad highway.  Unlike the other popular hills and mountain ranges like Nandi or Kaurava Kunda you won't be able to see Gudibande hills from highway and that could be a reason for not many aware of this fort hill. But this is also kind of a blessing in disguise as you will not find many trekkers and tourist, this hill fort was clean comparatively, quiet and most importantly no disturbance around.

From Aiport toll plaza, drive another 53 km on Bangalore - Hyderabad highway and then take a left turn to reach at the Gudibande Town. You will be greeted with a scenic view of Byrasagara lake, mountain ranges. I reached there early morning and road leading to hill fort was picturesque because of the lake, hills, clouds.

There is a parking area but no one around. From the foothill, initially, a series of well-built stairs will lead to your first gateway, and then en route to the summit you will find stone steps, ruined gateways, secret passage, small fields. Though fort wall was well preserved and stand still but the condition of some of the watchtower was not good.



Flora en route


Almost there

Finally reached

Ascend to the top can be done in less than an hour.

Once you reach the top there is Lord Shiva temple, well maintained, clean but closed. A pillar with a square base has well-sculpted images.

Look at this sculpture carved on the pillar

I was curious about this sculpture but later got to know its Kannappa Nayanar. A hunter who tried to stop bleeding of Shiva Linga’s eye, first plucked his one eye and placed it in the spot of bleeding eye of Shiva Linga and when another eye of Shiva linga started bleeding, he first thought of plucking his own second eye but later realized he would be blind and will not know where to place his second eye, placed his toe on the linga to mark the spot and when he started to pluck his second eyes, Lord Shiva appeared and restored his eyes.

View for hilltop was amazing, as I could see all the mountain hill range. Beautiful Byresagara lake can be seen as well from the Shiva temple side. It was cloudy and windy.



Fort has many water ponds and its a great example of rainwater harvesting system implemented 400 years ago.

When we were getting down, it started raining.

Overall it was a nice trek, I would say the easy level of trekking. After Gudibande fort, we went further and found another beautiful lake surrounded by hills.

Spent some time on the lake, don't remember the name of if but its another 10km from Gudibande fort. While returning explored Byrasagra lake and then grape farm before driving back to Bangalore

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