Mandaragiri - Easy Trek and Important Piligram Center for Jains

Mandaragiri hill is 63 KM from Bangalore towards Tumkur Road. This place is also known as Bisadi Betta by Local. This place has a religious significance and important pilgrims for Jain. At the top of hills four Jain temples and few meters from foothills another temple complex known as Guru Mandir.


Its small hill and can be easily trekked with properly laid 435 footsteps. Though there is no dedicated car parking at the foothill but enough space to keep your car parked. At the top of the hill, there is one ancient Jain temple complex, it is a complex of four temples but mostly closed. In case you would like to explore the temple, you can easily get a key from the priest living nearby.

Once you reach at the summit, can you feast your eyes with breathtaking view around. You can easily see the Tumkur highway, a railway track at one side. Another side a beautiful lake Maidara Kere down below. And then you can see the unique peacock feather liked temple situated just a few meters from foothill.

You can also see many boulders around at the top of the hill and a small pond. When I reached there it was close to 11 AM and bit hot. Don’t forget to take the water bottles with you. I am sure this place can be easily explored and enjoyed during sunrise or sunset.


Guru Mandir is 81 feet and quite uniquely built like peacock feather. It looks beautiful.
Another attraction is the status of Chandranatha Tirthankara, its similar but smaller to Bahubali statute of Shravanbelogola.


One thing I noticed and it was there is many places. The image of a cow and a tigress drinking water from the stream. The cow feeds the cub and calf drinks milk from the tigress. Later I came to know that its symbol of unity and non-violence in Jainism.

Overall it was nice, easy trek up and roaming around. Another weekend gateway from Bangalore.

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