Mysterious Morgan House in Kalimpong

Have you ever wondered why some of the most haunted places are so beautiful. Ruins have their own charms but there are some nice big beautifully designed mansion around the world tagged as most haunted. A bit ironic, beautiful yet haunted. Morgan House in Kalimpong is one such place.

Beautifully designed, almost 100 years old but well maintained. I explored the beautiful city of Kalimpong before my Bhutan road trip. Kalimpong is 171 km from Jaigaon, the border town in India.

Kalimpong is popular tourist destination in West Bengal, beautiful city located at elevation of 1,250 metres (4,101 ft), best known for many educational institutes mostly established during British colonial era. Most of the big houses and mansions there were also built during that era including Morgan House.

This mansion was built in 1930 by Mr. George Morgan. Built on sixteen acres of estate its classic example of colonial architecture, raw brick wall covered with green moss. You can get the clear view of Kanchenjunga mountain range

3 KM from Kalimpong clock circle. Morgan house is now WB tourism board property. Its near to Kalimpong golf course.

Like many old, big mansion, Morgan house has seen many ups and down. After death of Mr. Geroge Morgan and his wife, this mansion was left deserted, abandoned. No one from Morgan’s family came and lived here. After many lonely years, it was handed over to Govt of India post-independence and then Bengal tourism board started a hotel there. Morgan house came back to life but it also came with ghost of Lady Morgan.

I am not sure how true these stories are but many tourists stayed there reported paranormal activities. Local believe that lady Morgan’s ghost still lives there. Well who wants to leave their house and if the house is as beautiful as Morgan House then I doubt no one.  Anyways stories can be made up, experiences can be result of misidentification and fear. I didn’t stay there so I can’t comment more but certainly exploring the beautiful Morgan house and surrounding, I can say one thing, if you would like to experience staying at the true British era mansion then Morgan house must be in your list.