Thimphu & Paro in Bhutan - What to see - Top 3 Places

Whenever you travel to Bhutan it's highly unlikely that you don't explore Thimphu and Paro, cities. These two are major city and tourist attractions in Bhutan. Here I am going to list down top 3 places you must visit

1) Thimphu - TashiChho Dzong

Dzongs in Bhutan are kind of Fortress with political administration and religion significance. Usually one half of Dzong will have administrative office and other half will have temples. Tashicho is one of the oldest and second largest Dzong in Bhutan, Next to Wang Chu river its pure delight to watch it from distance, absolute beauty once you roam and see the architecture inside. Entry fee is 300 rs that includes guide charge as well. This Dzong is located just outside of Thimphu city and easily to reach.

 2) Thimphu - Buddha Dordenma

This massive statue of Buddha measures in at a height of 51.5 m, making it one of the largest statues of Buddha in the world. Situated high on the mountain overlooking Thimphu city. It is made of bronze and is gilded in gold.


3) Thimphu - Memorial Chorten

Chorten means seat of faith. This iconic structure is located in the center of city.

4) Thimphu - National Library (Bonus attraction)

Did you know world's largest published book is in National library of Bhutan, Thimpu. According to Guinness book of record weight of the book is 60kg  measuring 1.52 meter long and 2.13 meter wide. Not many aware of it and visit the national library but if you like history and wants to know more about Bhutan, its kingdom, architecture, history then this is perfect place for you.

1) Paro - Rinpung Dzong
One of the oldest and largest Dzong in Bhutan. Its near Paro airpot. Located next to Paro Chu (River). While you can explore inside the dzong but dont forget to see it glowing during night

2) Paro - Tiger's Nest
This is must do activity in Bhutan. Most iconic and sacred Takhsang also knowns as Tiger's Nest. 30 mins drive from Paro Airport and you will reach at the base of Tiger Nest. To visit the monestary there is entry fee of 500 rs. you can get the tickets from office located near car parking. The trek to Tiger nest could be tiring but worthy.

3) Paro - Airport View
Paro airport is considered as one of the most dangerous airport in the world. Its not because of any accident but the surrounding makes it toughest airport to land and only handful of pilots are certified to land in this airport. There is great view point in Paro where you can see the landing and take-off which is one kind of experience.

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