Krishna's Butter Ball - Stone of Sky God

What will happen when you place spherical object on inclined plane? it will roll down right? If the diameter of any round object like a ball is less and the base which touches the ground is small, it will travel faster than most object

But this theory appears to be failing in historical coastal town of Mamallapuram or Mahabalipurum in Tamilnadu. Just over a km walk from world heritage site Shore temple you will see a gigantic granite boulder resting on a short incline and demonstrating amazing example of balancing act

Its approximately 6 meters high and 5 meters wide and weighs around 250 tons, located on the edge of hill. Its really surprising to see how this boulder stands on a slope with its base touching only 1.2 meter base of the ground , refuses to give in to gravity. There are scientific explanation as well but let's talk about its origin, history and myth around it first.
  • We don't know the origin of this boulder but it is said to have been at the same place for 1200 years defying gravity.
  • The original name of this giant boulder is "Vaan Irai Kal"in Tamil, which means "Stone of Sky God"
  • As per Hindu mythology, lord Krishna often stole butter from his mother's butter handi. Devotees began to view this stone as Krishna's butter and names in Krishna's butter ball.
  • Pallava king made failed attempt to move the boulder. In 1908 the Governor of Madras Arthur Lawley also decided to remove it. He feared for the safety of the town at the base of the hill. For this seven elephants were used move the rock but it didn’t move an inch.
  • Cyclone, wind, rain, earthquake  and even tsunami failed to made any effect on this stone.
Is it supernatural phenomena or there are any scientific reasons?

  • Many believe it's a natural formation but a stone taking this kind of shape owning to erosion, water flow and strong wind is impossible, so how was this big ball brought here 1200 years ago.  If it was impossible to push this rock downhill, how was it pushed up the hill.
  • How? we don't know but who? Do we know? who could have put it? is it humanly possible to place 250 tons stone at slope of the hill.
  • The base of the rock is somehow firmly "glued" to the hill. What is this amazing glue?
  • If you look around in the hill and see, you won't find any more large stone like this. Why there is only one stone?
  • As name suggest  "Stone of Sky God", who were the Sky Gods?

Enough of myth, stories, conspiracy theories, here is two reasons, friction and center of gravity. Friction prevents the rock from sliding down, conceptually similar to how we stand on sloping ground Center of gravity allows it to balance on a small contact area. Its act of balancing and Krishna's butter ball is not the only one in world. There are many, see this link 

There might be some unanswered questions but this doesn't prevent tourists visiting this marvelous piece of natural wonder.

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