Hangout but don't leave things behind!!!!

Once known as the city of lakes, Bangalore still has many lakes though most of it now in a sorry state because of urbanization and pollution. If you visit nearby towns, villages you could see many lakes, still able to preserve its natural beauty. Many unexplored, hidden from weekend gateway seeker.

In two minds now, should I blog about those hidden gems or let it be hidden. Should I showcase its natural beauty and make it vulnerable to the irresponsible traveler or let it be unexplored, less crowded. When I went there I could see how people have already started destroying it by throwing garbage, plastics, water bottles, beer bottles. Then I decided to write about it, not because I needed to blog something but to let everyone know how irresponsible we are towards nature, and can we make it better?

I am sure when some of you see pictures of this lake, you will say this is .................... lake...this is near .................. town. Some of you following me on social media can also guess. But I will tell you the name of this lake with one condition. Read through it and let's start!!!

Navigate through excellent road at the highway, then some villages, 2 km stretch of muddy road (fancy some offroading!!!). From the starting point, you could see how beautiful it is, a big lake surrounded by hills, clouds. I was hoping to see a serene lake less crowded. Yes, the lake was serene but the crowd was mad. Bikes and cars all around, can't blame I was also one of them.

Though there is a parking place at the start if you can drive down a bit, navigate through some bumpy road, you could find ample space to park your car right next to the shore.

Tried flying a drone around. bit windy but Mavic mini negotiated those wind perfectly. 

I am sure pictures of this lake will inspire you to go there and experience the natural beauty. I saw many spices of birds and their nest. If you are planning to go there then please don't litter. Noticed water bottles, beer bottles, plastic and other waste floating. found some camping spots with waste around. I went there with two of my friends and tried removing few using sticks but the lake is huge, needed more helping hand.

So here is deal, I can take you there or tell you where is this lake, may be we can have weekend outing plan but with one condition that you wont litter around. Another thing is lets do lake clean-up drive there, we can remove all the plastic wastes from there (not messy but easy peasy job), place one garbage bin at the entrance there.

are you game???

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