Gundamagere Lake - Bangalore Weekend Gateway

Trust me, Google map is the best invention every traveler dreamt of. There are places we know, and there are places we don't know, but a quick search on google, browse through some photos, and navigation route to that place makes life so much easier.

One lazy Sunday morning, nothing much to do I was playing with my mobile. Then thought why not check google map and try to find out any cool places nearby. Let's try to find out some lakes. Opened google map, zoomed a bit and started looking out for all big-small blue colored area (for water bodies). After checking a few, I found one near Doddaballapura, known as Gundamagere Lake. The pictures on the Internet were scenic, and I marked that as my next destination.

Hardly 60 km from my home at Bangalore, One and half hour drive I reached there. By the way, Road was excellent till Doddabalapura and then scenic road towards Gundamagere, to make driving more enjoyable, the weather was pleasant. 

On the way, I could see few vineyards. Google map showed it as Soma winery and Grover Zumpa. I skipped those places and continued toward Gundamagere lake.

You will find the lake at right hand side once you enter into the village. I drove my car to near the lake and found out its not an ideal place as there were people washing clothes. They told me to go near the Dam where I can park my park and roam around.

The lake is scenically at the foothills of Makalidurga. I found a car parking place and then started walking towards mini dam built to stop lake water's overflow. 

Before that there is one platform built over lake and you can get a good view of entire surroundings from there.

Few meters down on tricky path, we were on the bank of lake. 

You could see a fishing platform, indicated that lake was full of fishes. However we could not find any one fishing there.

The water on the lake was clean and we were really excited to see flora and fauna around it.

It was perfect weekend gateway and hangout. We got our chairs and mats along with some foods. Perfect place for picnic


  1. Good exploration. Nice getaway. Excellent pictures.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful write-up and sharing info on this place