Curiously Wandering

You might say!! No Way!! Yet another book of travel stories!!! 


Now you have bought this book, so I will do my best not to disappoint you. 

For me, India is not all about the beauty of Tajmahal, Backwaters in God’s own country Kerala, exotic beaches in Goa, the Mighty Himalayan range, or Dusty Thar desert. These all places are great tourist attractions, and it won’t be wrong saying that these places add glory to India’s rich, vast culture and heritage. 


But can we sum-up India’s glory with popular tourist places? I don’t think so. There are many places in India, lesser-known and unexplored not as beautiful as other popular destinations. But these unknown places have their charm and aura. Every nook and corner of this incredible country has interesting stories, myths, and legends. We might have heard of that, from our parents, and read it somewhere. But I wanted first-hand experience and explored these places while trying to find out answers to my questions. I was not disappointed.


So here is my twenty-three travel tales filled with curiosity and adventure across India!


Be Curious!! Keep Exploring!!

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