Hill of Saints - Siddarabetta

Think of situation, after climbing nearly 1000 steps, trekking up to approx. 1.5 km in the hot weather. The water bottle you had carried is empty and somehow you managed to reach at the cave temple at the top of the hill, all you needed was a place to rest and water. Then the priest of the temple splashed cool water on your head and you are now rejuvenated. 

Siddarabetta not just another trekking spot but a religious place. Easy accessible by road 130 km from Bangalore toward Tumkur.

Sidda means Saint and Betta means Hill in Kanada. Siddarabetta got its name because many saints used to mediate here and used to live inside caves at the top of the hills.

Though there is no parking spot, you can leave your car/bike near some of the shops located at the foothill. An arch welcomes you and left-hand side small temple. Most part of the trek had man-made stairs and railing for support. Also, you can find few resting spots that also like view point to see the surrounding.  The more you trek up the surrounding gets more beautiful.

The first level of trek was cave temple dedicated to lord Shiva. After cooling our head with water and offering prayer, priest applied big Vibhuti on forehead. Here you will have to be careful with monkeys as they were looking for all opportunity to snatch away your belonging.

A small hut like setup next to cave temple, preparing hot mirchi bhajji, though it was hot weather, we decided to try out. It was tasty and after gulping full water bottle we asked the shop keeper if there are any other place to explore.

Now here is valuable info for you guys if you are trekking here. Right hand side of the cave temple, there is narrow path, leads you to caves and once you cross that cave you can reach at the peak of the hills. The view from there was amazing and you wonder how beautiful it will be during sunset to sunrise.

Distance - 110 KM from Bangalore
Difficulty Level - Easy

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