The Roaring Jog Fall

I have seen many beautiful waterfalls in south India specially the Abby falls in coorg, Hognekkal fall, Water falls in Munnar but one waterfall was missing from my list. The mighty Jog fall. Heard lot about this water fall, saw so many pictures, videos. So my expectation was high but the timing was not right when I visited this place. It was July'13 not much mansoon around. So the water level was not so good but it was still roaring.

Jog Falls is created by the Sharavathi River falling from a height of 253 m (830 ft), making it the second-highest plunge waterfall in India. Jog is actually four falls in once named as Raja, Rocket, Roarer & Rani. All have been named according to their power and beauty

Honnavar to Jog fall around 70 km. Its easily connected via NH 206. There are many buses running from Honnavar to jog fall with nominal fee. We started around 10:30 am and reached Jog fall within one and half hour. It was pleasant ride, weather was cool, cloudy and it did rain for some time.

It was Sunday and not surprisingly place was crowded. Narrow roads and confusion all around. Speed of bus was dropped and it was taking time to reach the view point. We decided to get down from the bus, started walking towards the entry gate and could hear the sound of mighty water fall.

There are actually three way to see the beauty of Jog fall. The first one is opposite to where the falls are. Karnataka tourism dept. has created stands, platforms  and the view is magnificent from there. It was raining and often cloud, mist was covering up the Jog fall. When we went there, falls was not in its full force and I heard people telling that its not even half of the water. The mansoon season would have been great there.

Karnataka Govt has one resort there. Before coming to this place I tried booking this but it was completely booked. You will have to do advance booking at least a month before.

The second  view is closer to the falls near British bungalow. This place is nearly 4-5 km from the first view where the river splits. You will have to cross the river bridge. The third one is good for trekking and can be done from the first view point. There is a trail that will take you to the bottom of the fall. Unfortunately it was closed that day. may be because of weather.

These waterfalls are the natural wonders on Earth. Visiting some of these waterfalls are really breathtaking experience. Stunning sight, mountains, clouds and that roaring sound.

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