Onake Kindi Cave Painting - Alien spacecraft or burial site?

Are we alone in this universe? This question is not new, every generation, every era keep asking this question, talking about life beyond earth, aliens, claimed to have seen UFO, alien space crafts, flying soccer.

People have shared their own experiences, photographs of UFO (mostly fake) have been shared but no solid, concrete evidence. Where can we find the evidence of aliens? Erich Von Daniken talked about ancient aliens, shared many evidences, insisting aliens from other planet visited us, helped us to be civilized, all ancient structure, temples were built with help from them.

While the humankind evolves, discovered fire, communicating with others, learned writing, in medieval age documenting scriptures, building temples. How did the pre-historic era survive when they had not learned writing? they didnt know how to communicate, an era when stone tool was invented for hunting. The answer is Rock painting. A form of painting or carving that is done on massive rocks or caves as a canvas. In Pre-historic era, people lived inside caves. it can be assumed that cave paintings may have been a way of communicating with others or they took up painting as something to pass their time. These painting were done using natural colors from leaves and flowers. Remarkably still surviving as most of the caves had no effect of rain and sun rays.

When modern era try to find out evidences of aliens and life beyond earth, these cave paintings can be useful. 10,000 years old cave painting depicting aliens found in Chhattisgarh has been in news lately (Source - TOI). While I was trying to get more information about Hampi and its ancient temples on internet, I came across some blog talking about pre-historical cave paintings near Anekundi (10 km from Hampi) and decided to visit the place.

Finding this place was not easy. Many locals in Hampi were not aware of any caves near Anekundi. When we showed pictures of some cave paintings (from blog post) to the local in Hampi. They had no clue, they were not aware of this place. Further reading and one blog mentioned the coordinates to reach there, made it easy.

Anyways we found the location and hardly 15 mins bike ride after crossing the Tungbhadra river in Hampi. Reached there. But wait GPS says we arrived but all we can see paddy green field, hills and boulder both the side. How can we search that specific caves? We inquired one farmer working nearby and he said the caves are inside the private property and locked behind that door (pointed towards boulders). Further he said someone will come after some time and open the door, by the time we can wait.

Wait was no longer, and we saw man coming with two cows, he asked us to follow him, opened the gate and we were inside.

Walked through some dense bushes, steep rocks, climbing the boulders and going across it and in next 10 mins we were at the other side of, open field with tall dried grasses amid rocks and boulders. We found ourselves ringed in by hillocks

  He pointed towards caves and we went there.

Cave one. 

Here is painting one, you can see man, animals. Probably man taming animals.

Some more paintings in the same cave, many doesn't make sense, may be some sort of symbols. 

 This is bit interesting, You can see one human figure wearing helmet and has three antenna

 Opposite the cave one, another cave in 100 meter of distance, 

There is striking larger than life magnificent painting of snake.You can see head of a cobra and the tail goes deep into the cave.

Human figure with left hand on their waist

Some more pictures of animals, one seems to be bull

Now the very interesting and much talked about painting. Its really unfortunate that half of this painting is faded away but whatever we have is completely unusual.

 Another view

One school of thought claiming this to be ancient spacecraft, the flying saucer. you can clearly see two figure inside, one ladder may be for getting down from spacecraft. At the first level some round structure, may be some instruments. lower half of the painting depicting kind of fire or wavy pattern (may be sign of flying up). 

Another observation all other figures, human and animals are painted on a vertical plane at your eye level. But if you look up the so called spacecraft is painted on top, on a horizontal plane. Does it mean pre-historic human were trying to depict that it came down from the sky.

As per people studying history and archaeology, this is rare depiction of a megalithic style of burial.  human body in the middle and surrounded by sun and moon. wavy patterns and dashed lines probably conveying light and darkness.

I am not an expert and really cant comment or conclude more on these theories. However it was fascinating to see how these rare cave paintings survived from more than 15000 years from pre-historic era.

As I said before reaching out here is bit tricky, hope this google map location here will help you. Its private property so you will have to find caretaker to open gate for you and then explore these caves. Here is short video of Onake Kindi's cave painting.

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