Here goes my first mobiblog - Ooty

This time I am blogging from my mobile..installed wordpress for android & its really has almost all the necessary options..can add images n videos from my of now I don’t have my netbook with me..not sure how this blog look like after posting..I am still struggling to type fast though this touch screen phone is very responsive..pls excuse any typo error..anyways that’s the idea behind getting this phone as now I don’t have to carry my netbook.browsing net with large screen is always fun..push emails..all social networking application..with 10 gb of space, can store divx movies…

Well I am in ooty..its another bike trip with Arun & Rags..earlier we decided for pondicherry but again second thought saved would be foolish to go there at this would be too hot.. driving bike for long hours just for spending your vacation at this hot weather& hot place a like pondicherry is foolish..

As of now weather here in ooty is chilly..I would not say that I am actually enjoying this chilly & almost freezing weather…but again its 8 pm & quite natural for ooty..hope 2maro morning weather will be pleasant..

We reached here at 3:30 pm..from Bangalore its almost 300 km away..we started our journey from 6:30 am & took almost 9 hours to reach here..we also crossed bandipur forest..spotted dears & elephants..

In between we took our breakfast & lunch..other thing is once you reach masinagudi which is 29 km from ooty, your speed will be slow as you have to reach at the top of the hill & there are 36 hairpin bends

Today we visited ooty lake only & just little roaming around the need to take good dinner & good sleep….


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