Golkunda Fort - An Archaeological Treasure

It was year 2008 summer season, when I visited Golkunda Fort first. At the first glance, fort looked big, rising tall, majestic and my first thought was ohh no I will have to walk around now in this heat to cover the entire fort complex.

Now in year 2016 again it was summer, month of May, I was there again but this time well prepared. Last time I just wanted to tick off another landmark in Hyderabad but this time I wanted to explore the fort. My thought process completely changed and I started visualizing, how it must have been great place to live in the past, the army, the people, king and his palace. Each and every corner of the fort must be hiding many stories, have seen many generations, lives, happiness, sorrow, life and death. If you look at the fort and visit some of its spooky looking area, you can say it must be haunted and yeah, it is listed as one of the most haunted places in Hyderabad. Not sure if its entirely true. Its very easy for people to see these ruins, old fort and say its haunted. But for me its another archaeological treasure of India, yet another archeological beauty. A visit to the fort reveals the architectural beauty in many of its pavilions, gates, entrances and domes.

Well if you dont much in to archeology or dont have much interest in exploring old forts or ruins, let me give you some interesting reasons to think about this magnificent fort. This fort used to have a vault where once the world famous Koh-I-Noor was stored along with other diamonds. Another interesting thing here is the system of acoustics. It means one hand clap at any certain point below the dome can be hared at the highest point of the Fort (very useful when there is attack on fort)

Golkonda Fort derives its name from a Telugu word Golla Konda which means Shepherd’s Hill. The whole of the Golkonda Fort complex and its surrounding spreads across 10 km of total area. The entire fort complex consists of four distinct forts with a 10 km long outer wall. It has 8 imposing gateways and is buttressed with 87 bastions, some of these still mounted with cannons and number of royal apartments, halls, temple, mosque. Trust me discovering its every nook and corner is difficult and tiring task.

Once you enter through main entrance, the first sight that greets you is the visitors clapping underneath the dome. You will see how how a clap here can be heard at the top of the hill by the king's sentries,Thats the acoustic effect, engineering marvel.

Then walking paths like this, you can’t help but imagine how glorious it would have been in past. 

exploring ruins can be tiring but its worth visiting. Some of the area of fort I visited was completely quite, not many around and here you can get that spooky feeling.

Remarkable acoustic system, hot and cold water supply system, natural air conditioning and turkish baths, the remains of its once splendid palace and garden give an idea of its former grandeur and how well planned the fort was. Word of caution "carry lots of water and good pair of walking shoes" and explore this archeological treasure.

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