Basilica of Bom Jesus - Panaji, Goa

Goa has been always great vacation destination. There is something in the air, cool, calm, natural beauties, sea, beaches but what makes this place special is culture. If you are in Goa, dont forget to explore old Goa. Charms of Portuguese is still exist there.

One of must visit place in Old Goa is Basilica of Bom Jesus, a world heritage site. Its one of the oldest churches in Goa and in India.

The construction of this church of “Bom Jesus" (Meaning Good or Infant Jesus)  was started in 1594 and consecrated in 1605.

The church cruciform on plan, has three storied facad having a main entrance flanked by two smaller entrances. The entire facade has moulded basalt casing and the remaining part is exposed in laterite including the buttresses, the fa├žade has at the top the letters “HIS” symbolizing the first three letters of Jesus in Greek.

As one enters beneath the choir, to the right is the altar of St. Anthony and to the left is a wooden statue of St. Francis Xavier. In the middle of the nave on the northern wall is the cenotaph of Dom Jeronimo Mascarnhas the benefactor of this church.

Church is most famous for preserving the body of St. Francis Xavier. Though St Francis Xavier died on his voyage to China and was buried there, his body was brought back to Goa after two years, in accordance with his wish. It was then discovered that the body was still intact. Public viewing of the body of St. Francis Xavier is held every ten years. This event attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the globe.

This church is considered as one of the best examples of baroque architecture in India.

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