Anthargange - Night Trekking and Cave Exploration

There is no doubt that Karnataka is trekker's paradise and If you are in Bangalore, then you have so many places around within 70-80 km area and the best part is, many places offer night trekking. Most of these trekking places are in hill area, well maintained, good hiking trail, and offer excellent views at the top. You name it Savandurga (40 km), Madhugiri (80), Skandagiri (70), Anthargange (60), Ramanagara (60), Nandi Hills (55-60), and many more.

I love trekking, not because it has health benefits or it challenges you physically or mentally but it allows me to witness the beauty of nature as well as helps to get away from the grind of daily life. If its weekend, Trekking has been always a good option and can be completed within one day. 

Anthargange Hill, Picture Credit - Bhawani Dash

This time we explored Anthargange Hill and caves. Its hardly 60 km from Bangalore, We started from Forum Value Mall, from there drive 11 KM towards Bridage golden triangle / Kattanallur and then hit the NH75, smooth 41 km drive on NH75 towards Kolar and then you will see a road sign which tells where you take the left turn to Anthargange (5 km before Kolar). From the highway another 5 km and you will reach the destination.

Let's get into the history of this place. The temple of Sri Kashi Vishweshwara has historical and religious significance. Anthargange is also known as Dakshina Kashi. The interesting thing is in the temple you can see a pond that gets a continuous flow of water emerges from a narrow opening in the rock and the source of water is still unknown.  

It was a big group of 16 and four cars. We started from Forum Value Mall around 11 PM and around 12:30 AM reached there. Well maintained parking lot which is also trek starting point, its safe to park your vehicle overnight. By the time we reached there, it was raining and major worry was slippery rocks. The trek started with steps to the temple, more than 350 straight stairs, leading to the temple. Stairs are surrounded by trees both sides and some signboards with pictures of animals, butterflies.

 Starting Point of Trek (Picture was taken in the morning when we returned from trek)

Stairs picture was taken in the morning when we were returning back to the parking lot

We stopped at Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple. Though it was closed we stopped there for some time, explored the temple area and the water source. 


The real adventurous hiking trail starts from behind the temple. Its 1.5 km vertical trail, at some places steps, are carved into the rocks and at other places, you have to hop through the rocks to reach to the top. Slippery rocks were a concern but good quality of hiking boot can do the job. The trekking was steep at first through narrow stone crafted but later it was manageable. Don't forget to carry torch for lights and water bottles. 
Another major attraction here is the caves, formed by volcanic rocks. Some of these caves are very narrow and explored by crawling through them, as there is not much space to allow you to stand and explore them. 
 You can also see the great view of town and NH75
By the time we explored caves and camping site Sun started shining  we started getting down. Easy trek back and we stopped at the temple again. It was good, quality time out there, water at the pond was pure and cool, Sun was out, mother nature started unfolding its beauty, birds chirping started and monkeys started making noise and mischief. 

There is also one viewpoint, where you can see the entire hill and volcano rocks.

Picture Credit - Bhawani Dash
 Picture Credit - Bhawani Dash
After cave exploration, some of us including yours truly returned back to temple but some of our group members went further up and reached at the top. When we all returned to the parking lot, I came to know about their further adventure and got disappointed as I was not aware that after cave we can go further up.
But now I am determined to go back to Anthargange again and complete the trekking. Night trekking was good but I think early morning trek to this place will be much better. Anyways that’s for next time.

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