Krishnagiri Fort Trek

Krishnagiri is 60 km from Bangalore on National Highway 44. While traveling to NH44, Chennai, Pondicherry I have always noticed the Krishnagiri hill and planned to trek one day.

That day finally came. Route to Krishnagiri is fairly simple, once you cross Electronic city, drive straight through NH44, Hosur and then Krishnagiri. After Krishnagiri toll plaza, take left towards the bus stand and from there you could see Krishnagiri standing tall.

Krishnagiri fort was built in 16 century by King Krishnadevarayalu of the Vijayanagar Empire, thus the name Krishna (the king) and Giri (hill).

After having typical south Indian breakfast, Dosa, Idly and Tea, we reached at the base of Krishnagiri hill fort. There you have a temple, you can park your vehicle over there. Nicely built staircase initially and then you are at your own, though there are some direction indicators. After some time panoramic visual of Krishnagiri town started appearing.

It was quite simple and short trek. Once we reached at the second last level of hill, we noticed there are two diversion. When we took left, we reached at the Dargah built there.

There were few visitors. We came back to same diversion again, continued our trek to the right hand side and reached at the top of the hill.

There are few ruined structure of fort and you can get complete panoramic view of Krishnagiri and NH44.

Overall it was nice, easy level of trekking.

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