Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve

Its highly unlikely that you roam around and drive freely on conservation reserve in India, but Jayamangali Blackbuck reserve is an exception. 

Just 103 KM from Bangalore, near Madhugiri town, Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve has the second largest contiguous population of blackbuck in Karnataka. Spread over 3km of grassland, it is home to near threatened Blackbuck and declared as only notified protected area.

The route we took to reach blackbuck reserve, was from Yelhanka, Doddaballapura, Makalidurga and then towards Madhugiri. Excellent roads and scenic route. Scenic view of Makalidurga in early morning made our drive more pleasant. 

After 2 hours of hassle free drive from Bangalore, we reached Jayamangali. You can find a signboard at this location (Map link), from here you will have to take right and mud road started. 

It was purely off drive road condition for next three and half km. If you have a car with lower ground clearance and front wheel drive, I wouldn't recommend that to visit during rainy season.

For us, there was no such issue and we covered the entire stretch slowly, not because of road condition but you will to keep looking around to get the glimpse of blackbucks.

and we spotted many. They were bit far away from road.

The blackbucks or Indian antelope inhibits on grassy plains and lightly forested area with perennial water sources. The distinguished feature of male is the long and ringed horn. 

The entire stretch of 3 km, has entry gate, watchtowers, watchman shed, we could find few houses most probably rest-houses of forest Department. Surprised to see many farm lands and human habitation was quite evident. However there was less movement of people. 

Not just blackbucks but if you are patient enough, you could see many spices of birds. If you have interest in wildlife photography, carry at least 500mm lenses. 

We managed to click pictures of few using 250mm lenses, mobile phone and those were not bad. Beside taking pictures, we were in for visual treat and spotting rare, threathned species of antelopes was great experience.  

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