Hutridurga Trek - Ancient Fort

Hutridurga also known as Uttari Betta is situated 80 km from Bangalore towards Kunigal and Magadi. Hutridurga hill fort is considered as one of the Nav Durga (Nine Hill-fort) built by Kempagowda in 16th Century. The hill fort rising to 3700 feet above sea level.

Another weekend, another trekking destination. I started my journey to Hutridurga early morning around 5AM. GPS showed 85 km from my home and I was hoping to reach there by 7AM. However a little break to eat something and tea and I reached there at 7:30 AM.

The route was excellent, I drove in around 70 km in excellent NH75 towards Hassan and then further 15 km in SH94.

5 KM before Hutridurga, we could see might hills and fortification from distance.

The road leading to hill base is under construction and there were many JCB and lorry parked. It was not bad road and once road is completed it would be fun drive to reach at the base. Negotiating few sharp turn I reached at the foot hill. There is small village where you can park your car.

Parking fee was 30 rs and I could see there are already many cars parked.

We started our trek. Initially nicely built stairs leading to the first gateway of fort. Later I realized there are total 8 gateway from foothills to summit. 

One way you could see many wild flowers. With every steps and elevation, surrounding started looking better.

The route leading to summit was marked. Some places were steep but nicely built stairs carved on the hills helped, some places without any stairs and you will have to negotiate throny bushes along the way. With each elevation we could see wall fortification.

Within an hour we reached at the summit where a Lord Shiva temple was built. the view from summit was breathtaking as we could see the entire place, villages, nearby hills, winding roads.

At the summit there is small pond, it was sad to see that many water bottles were thrown in there. I also noticed many plastic water bottles and waste on the way to summit. This is not a way to protect the nature and ancient fort like this. The so called protector to Mother Nature are the real destroyer. No wonder why these days many treks are now not free and you will have to pay fee to do the trekking. 

We decided to explore further and found few good spots to see around. 

Overall it was easy trek for me, weather was good so trek was enjoyable. I think this trek is good for beginners and if you are in Bangalore this must be one of your weekend gateway.

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