Giant Footprint in Lepakshi - Rumors, Myths or Reality??

Lepakshi has archeological and historical significance. It was my 3rd visit to this small town in the Anantapur district of AP. I have already written about its beautiful temple, exquisitely carved Kalyanmandapa, pillars, and mural paintings on ceilings. Here is a link to the old blog

Last two visits were mostly to know more about hanging pillar (not pillars as many write about it).

This time it was different. My plan is to know more about the Giant footprint. Whose footprint is that? Many stories, many rumors, myths but do we know the reality?

Interestingly the official brochure I got from ASI, covers everything about this place but no mention of Giant footprint. The local guides have different views, some say its footprint of Seeta, some says it's of Hanuman. Hanuman landed at this spot and the force was so great that his footprint was left pressed into the solid stone. I don't think we can agree or disagree with these beliefs, there is no solid proof but I leave this possibility over here. 

What are the other possibilities? Is it possible that one of architect thought let's do something funny? While other architects were busy carving exquisite pillar, one being a lazy bit mischievous carved this giant footprint. Possible? who knows? If you look at the footprint carefully, you will notice the uniformity, there are no signs of weight distribution that you would normally see when a person is walking or jumping. Also why there is only one footprint? why not two or many? If you search on the internet, you will find many stories, pictures of giant footprint but mostly there is only one footprint and no sign of second or any other footprints nearby.

Now let me throw another possibility, debatable yet there is some research around it. Is it possible the footprint on the stone is of an ancient giant? Around the world, there are much evidences of ancient giants.

Let me support this theory here

500 meters from the temple you can see another attraction, one of the biggest monolithic bulls, Basavanna measuring 10 meters in length, 5 meters in height, and carved in couchant posture. You will be amazed by this beautifully carved big Nandi but you will also notice it stands alone.

As per Hindu mythology, Nandi is said to be Shiva’s main form of transportation and most ardent devotee. In most of the temples, you will find the Nandi bull facing the idol of Lord Shiva. Nandi always sits in front of Shiva. Why there is no Shiva in front of this giant Nandi?

Well, this Nandi is looking towards Nagalinga of Veerabhadra temple, which is 500-600 meters away. 
In the temple complex, you can see colossal monolithic Nagalinga sculptured, showing a seven hooded serpent protecting a linga. This rare colossal carved out of a single huge boulder. Quite impressive for its sheer size, 5 meters in height.

Most of you visit the temple and you can notice the distance between Nandi and Lord Shiva is not much, maybe few meters. Then what's the reason for making these giants Nandi and Nagalinga and separating them for almost half a km? 

The one reason I could give is the ancient giants. The giant footprint on the stone inside the temple complex could be a footprint of giant, if you consider foot to height ratio then it could be 30-40 feet tall giant. These giant sculptures of Nandi and Nagalinga were not so big for them, the distance we are talking about (500-600 meter) could have been just a few meters for them.

We have heard about fascinating bigfoot (real, hoax, misidentification I don't know), big dinosaurs, giant of Castelnau, Daitya/Asura

Three possibilities, Hanuman's foot print, mischievous act or ancient giant. Which one you would believe?


  1. Science student ah? Okay! don't believe this, no-one is forcing you either. You just come up with a better temple than this then will agree with you. Bro we're younger and we heard how our parents suffered in their young age. When you believe that whay can't this? You just concentrate on your life bro. No-one can change you or even world also. Just be yourself.

  2. It can be foot print of lord veerbhadra,when he landed on earth after getting created by lord shiva

    1. "இருக்கலாம்" அப்படிதானே? மகிழ்சி

  3. If this is a foot print of a giant as u mentioned then again I ask you, your own question... why only single footprint??? You don't believe it to be Hanuman's footprint because it's only a single footprint...